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Joy Club

JOY CLUB is not just a childcare center; we are a community of teachers, parents and children joining together to provide a nurturing, loving and safe environment for learning, growth and development. Our schedule, activities, special programs, and curriculum focuses on each child both as an individual and a member of our community.

We have various activities for the children to do in our Club once they have completed thier homework. We tutor/help each child with at least 2 pages of homework each day. The children are well fed with good food!

They have arts and crafts, computer games, non-violent video games, Sports equipment, bikes with helmets, dramatic play, puzzles, playdough, and more!
They have Bible Lessons and at times they act out the Bible Stories. We try to have a special Chapel Time each week.

These children sing in a special program. We have "Happy Birthday Jesus" for the Christmas Program.

We put a high value on education and even higher value on thier spiritual growth and understanding of how much God loves them. We teach them the Golden Rule as well as good character traits. We want our Joy Club to be a fun, safe, clean, happy and healthy enviroment for your children!
Dear Parents,

We welcome you and your family to JOY CLUB!

26555 Gading Road, Hayward, CA 94544